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About David Eikenburg

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In the spring of 1990 three little ladies who were the last members of McQueeney Baptist Church came to First Baptist Church, Seguin, and handed them the keys to the church and property giving it to them in hopes that they would keep the doors open for ministry. David at the time was the Minister of Education and Business Administrator of the First Baptist Church. God led him to volunteer to go to McQueeney and see what he could do there. After surveying the situation and knocking on lots of doors, David decided to open the doors of the church for services. Twelve people joined him in this journey and thus the revival of McQueeney Baptist Church began. There were only a few people at first but as the word passed throughout the community, people began to find their way to the church. Because David was such a warm and welcoming sort of guy, everyone felt right at home the minute they entered the doors. The church began to grow and soon the quaint little church on the hill was too small to accommodate the congregation and they had to go to two services. What a wonderful blessing to see people eager to know the Lord. Eventually McQueeney constituted into their own independent church.David Eikenburg thumbs up

Because the church grew so quickly there was a need for added space and buildings were brought in to house all the people for Sunday school. Then a building fund was established and McQueeney built a new sanctuary and education space and not too much longer another building to house the youth was needed. Families found McQueeney as their church home. It was genuine and loving and felt as if they had found another family.

David Eikenburg SmilingDavid, the pastor, was a man who touched everyone he met. He had the biggest heart of gold. He was willing to help the homeless on the street as well as the man who had everything. He was no respecter of persons. David had an excitement and relentless energy that overflowed to the congregation. He loved the Lord and he spent day-in day-out doing what Jesus would do. He would sit with the family during a critical surgery, hold the hand of a friend dying of cancer, take a blind lady to the store for groceries, buy a tank of gas for the down and out, organize a group to help a widow move, visit the stranger in the jail, rescue a teenager in trouble, and with his unyielding strength, he was there during a crisis for whatever was needed. David loved missions and during his ministry, he organized and participated in many mission trips to Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.

David, the family man, was the husband most women dream of having. He was the rock of the family. He treated his wife and four daughters like they were princesses and spoiled them rotten. Beth and David would have been married for 25 years on July 31, 2005. His four beautiful daughters are such individuals and he loved and accepted each one for who they are.David Eikenburg family

Each of these girls are mirror images of their dad in one way or another…big welcoming smiles, hearts of gold, love to laugh, want to minister to children who are grieving, and love the Lord with all their hearts. Beth and the girls are devoted to kept David's legacy alive in anyway they can.