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Rider Testimonials

" We just can't quit talking about how much fun we all had on Saturday (4th Annual)! We were so spoiled at the rest stops with the volunteers grabbing our bottles and filling them up with ice, and not to mention all the fab cookies! The last rest stop had the best chocolate chip cookies ever! It was a challenging ride and said a lot about the man who enjoyed these same roads that we were dedicating our ride to. One more stop would have been great since it was so hot outside, but other than that- you just couldn't have put together a better ride. It was my fave ride to date, and you can count me in for next year for sure. Beth Eikenburg goes to the Wellness Center, and people had been talking about it for months. Beth talked to my ride buddy a few days before the ride and she called me and we called friends and there you go. A big group of people having a great time riding in memory of an obviously great man who obviously brought a lot of joy to his family and friends. I am proud to have been a part of it, and can't wait to tackle the 100 next year since the 70 went so well. Thank you again!!!"-Lori Kluth

" The 4th David Eikenburg Memorial Bike Ride is definitely a ride to remember. It is not only a ride that remembers a great man who left a wonderful legacy but it is a ride that you must remember to mark your calendars for next year, July 10th, 2010. This year’s ride hit an all time high with a record number of 250 riders. This was my 1st year to ride in an organized event and I was a little scared but what a great experience it turned out to be. The staff and volunteers were all so friendly and encouraging from the moment I walked up to register until the time I crossed the finish line and enjoyed a wonderful free BBQ lunch. The minute we left McQueeney, Texas we were met with beautiful scenery and the gentle rolling hills. There were empty winding roads through Texas farmlands that don’t necessary go anywhere in particular. The routes were marked with paint on the pavement and color coded signs on the side of the road. Those who organized this ride hit the markings right on the nose. The directions were easy to follow and clearly marked at each turn. It was so wonderful to see all of God great creations and to ride the same roads that David Eikenburg once road. I felt like I was able to share the road with him as I pedaled my heart out. There were 4 different routes - 12 mile, 25 mile, 65 but really 70 mile, and a century. Each route was supported by numerous rest stops every 10-15 miles. To say the rest stops were awesome is not enough. They were stocked with plenty of sandwiches, cookies, and fruit slices. It was so encouraging to pull into a rest stop and have the volunteers cheer for you, but it didn’t stop there because as soon as we stopped the volunteers ran up and filled our water bottles with Gatorade and water as we rested up for the next leg of the ride. This was so encouraging especially during those times when I thought I just couldn’t go any further. SAG support was there for us as well as a bike technician ready and willing to meet any rider to fix flat tires or bike problems. What made the David Eikenburg Memorial Bike Ride even more special was the charity to which all the proceeds go. Camp Agape is a free Christian bereavement camp for young children who have lost a loved one. The David Eikenburg Memorial Bike Ride had all the trimmings and I felt pampered the whole time. One thing I have learned is that all rides are different but this one left me with a great feeling in my heart because it was put on by a Christian family that not only wants to remember their husband, father, and friend but they want to continue his legacy by sharing the love of God with all those around them. You will certainly not want to miss this great event so mark your calendar now for July 10, 2010." -A Fellow Rider

" I participated in the 4th Annual David Eikenburg Memorial Bike Ride for the first time this past Saturday, and had a wonderful time. I rode the 100 mile loop which was very well organized and supported. The staff and volunteers were all very friendly, encouraging, and did a great job keeping me fed and watered. During those periods of physical and psychological struggle, they kept my spirits up. The fact that the ride supports a Christian camp for kids made it more meaningful and fulfilling. My only suggestions for improvement are to make next years route down hill, with the wind, and 80 degrees. It is a wonderful ministry which I hope to be able to support for many years to come." -Pat Hodges

" The support for the ride this year (2009) was awesome. My wife and I really enjoyed the ride and the friendliness, not to mention the food at the end. She does request that you guys flatten out the hills but if you can't she'll still be out there next year, God providing. Expect us next year and expect us to drag along some more victims. Thank you again and your dad would be proud of the job you guys did."-Joaquin/Shannon Trejo

" The ride (2nd annual) last Saturday was a gem. It was close and had all of the trimmings. We felt pampered the whole time. All rides are different and this one gave me a different experience because it was put on by the local church. The pastor there was killed two years ago on his bike and this was the second annual ride in his honor. We joined about 50 other riders on the 70 mile route. All but one of the rest stops was at church. These were old established churches dating way back. It never rained, the roads were always dry and the weather was unusually cool and for some divine reason we always had a tail wind. After the ride they fed us homemade hamburgers and we ate inside of the church. There were many pictures of the man and his activities in Nicaragua .. We were lost indeed, lost for a little while in the world of the late Pastor David Eikenburg. Rest in peace brother."-A Rider

" It was one of the better rides I have ever been on and it was only in it's second year. What till next year and the year after that. It will only grow! You guys went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to supporting the riders. While a few of us 100mile nuts enjoyed the day, I heard from several other riders who rode the shorter rides, who had the same experience. See, you dad really didn't go any where, he's still with us, working in a different way. How else would we have all been out there together?"-Merland Albert